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U32 Shadow™ Portable Drive

User Guide

(3) Connecting the Drive

Connecting the drive:

1) Connect the drive to a computer using the included USB cable.
2) Wait 5-20 seconds for the computer to recognize the drive.
3) The drive is now ready for use.
• Front USB ports of a desktop computer may not be able to
provide adequate power. We recommend connecting to rear ports.
• A USB port on an ExpressCard may not be able to
provide adequate power.
• If connecting to a USB Hub, make sure it is a powered Hub (one
that uses an AC adapter).
Data transfer speeds depend on the host computer port.
, Mac, Linux
System Requirements
The drive is pre-formatted as exFAT, which is compatible with
Windows and Mac OS. For users who wish to reformat the drive,
please visit the links for instructions.
To reformat using Windows:
To reformat using MAC OS:

(4) Formatting the Drive

(6) Disconnecting the Drive

(7) Warranty Information

This product includes a three (3) year repair/replacement
warranty provided by Oyen Digital. This warranty is non-
transferable and is limited to the original purchaser. Warranty
service may be requested by completing the form at the
following link:
For our complete warranty policy, visit:
Windows: Close all windows and applications that are accessing
the drive. Click the green “Eject Hardware (Safely Remove
Hardware) icon in the system tray and highlight the external drive.
Wait for a few seconds until the system prompts You may safely
remove this device.
MAC: Close all windows and applications that are accessing the
drive. Drag the external drive to the Trash/Eject icon to dismount it.
After the disk icon has disappeared from the desktop, you may
safely disconnect the external drive.

(5) Using the Drive

USB 3.2 up to 10Gbps

(9) FAQs

(8) Safety Information

The disk drive is a delicate electronic device and is susceptible
to damage due to excessive physical shock. Please handle the
unit with care.
Q: Can I use my drive with bus power only?
A: Yes, in the majority of cases bus power is adequate. However,
USB 2.0 ports may not have enough power for a higher-capacity
version (2TB or more).
Q: Is the U32 Shadow compaitble with TRIM in a Windows
A: To use the TRIM (Optimize) function in Windows, the drive must be
reformatted as NTFS. For details, visit:
Q: Is the U32 Shadow compatible with Linux?
A: The U32 Shadow is formatted as exFAT, which is a cross-compatible le
system developed by Microsoft. To use exFAT on Ubuntu 13.10, install the
exfat-utils package: $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install
For earlier Ubuntu or Linux Mint, you must enable FUSE in the Linux
kernel. To enable FUSE on Ubuntu, go to Filesystems > FUSE.
For other questions please contact tech support or visit the FAQ
section of our Web site (
Technical Support:
The U32 Shadow does not include pre-installed software. For le
backup, we recommend the apps within Windows and Mac.
Using the U32 Shadow with Windows Backup
Windows 10:
Enter “Settings” in the search bar and open the app.
Click ‘Update & security and select ‘Backup > Add a drive.
Select the MiniPro to start the backup.
Additional resources:
Using the U32 Shadow with Apple Time Machine
1) Format the drive as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as described
in the “Formatting the Drive section.
2) Go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences and click on the
Time Machine icon to launch the app.
3) Click ‘On to enable Time Machine.
4) Select the U32 Shadow drive and choose “Use for Backup.
5) Time Machine is now backing up your Mac automatically to the
U32 Shadow.


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