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The Easy Walk Harness was created for making walks with your dog enjoy-
able and pull-free. Should you choose to run or jog with your dog, please be
mindful of the possibility of chafing and discontinue use at the first sign of
Check the fit regularly, especially on growing dogs. Examine the harness for
signs of chewing, fraying, or damage. Do not leave the harness on your dog
When fit properly, the harness should look like a sideways T on
your dog:
a. Open the quick snap buckle on the
belly strap.
Place the shoulder strap over the dog’s
head with the chest strap resting on the
dog’s chest.
b. Adjust the shoulder strap so
that the connector ring sits above
and behind the dog’s shoulder.

Fitting the harness:

Step 1: Fit the shoulder strap
a. Gently press your fingers
on lower front of dog’s chest
to locate the breastbone.
You may need to remove the harness during fitting to make adjustments.
Dogs may “tense up” during fitting, so check the fit again after the dog has
walked in the harness for a few minutes.
Using a leash with a heavy clasp may cause the chest strap to sag. Please
choose a 4 to 6 ft. leash with a light but sturdy clasp.
It isn’t recommended to use a flex lead with the harness, as the constant ten-
sion will cause the chest strap to loosen on its own, and possibley encourage
the dog to pull.

Using the harness:

The Easy Walk Harness is designed to gently discourage your dog from pull-
ing while walking on a leash.
If your dog forges ahead of you, gently pull the leash to the side to turn the
dog toward you. As he stops pulling, be sure to release the tension on the
leash. Use praise and reward your dog with treats and/or petting.
To slow your dog when he is pulling ahead, apply gentle pressure to the
leash, pulling gently toward one side of the dog. Release the pressure on the
leash when the dog is walking nicely next to you.
Step 2: Fit the belly strap
Step 3: Fit the chest strap
Fitting tips
Tighten the shoulder strap to a comfortably snug fit,
allowing for just a finger’s width underneath – two
finger widths for larger dogs. The snug fit is
required because the girth creates the “foundation”
that keeps the harness in place
When the girth (shoulder and belly straps combined)
is fit correctly, it should resemble a vertical line and not
be in the dog’s sensitive armpit area.
b. Adjust each portion of
the chest strap equally to
keep the D-ring centered.
c. When adjusted correctly, the chest
strap will be horizontal, resting over the
dog’s breastbone. It should not “hang
down”, gap, or ride up. If this happens,
you may need a different size.
d. Attach the leash to the
D-ring on the chest strap.
A The chest piece has a Martingale
loop with a “D” ring for
attaching the leash.
B The shoulder strap is made of
the same color nylon as the chest
strap and has the woven
Easy Walk tag.
C The belly strap is made of a
complementary color.

Identifying the parts:

Tension + Tight Leash = Incorrect
Gently redirect your dog back
into position beside you
No Tension + Loose Leash = Correct
This is the moment to reward your dog
with a small treat and praise

Easy Walk



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