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manualPrinceton Tec Apex Pro
Battery Installation
See battery installation diagram
2 CR123
Observe proper battery polarity when installing
the batteries.
• Never mix fresh and used batteries.
• Never mix different battery brands
• Always remove drained batteries immediately.
• Remove batteries during long periods of storage.
Princeton Tec cares about the environment and
recommends recycling batteries. For more
information about battery recycling, please go to:
Improper installation of the batteries will damage the
light and void the warranty.
The battery pack has a waterproof seal. It is important
to keep this seal free from dirt and harsh chemicals in
order to preserve waterproof integrity. Inspect the seal
every time batteries are changed. If dirt is present,
wipe gently with a damp cotton swab and mild soap
until dirt is removed.
WARNING: This product contains Bisphenol A (BpA)
a chemical known to the State of California to cause
birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Battery Power Meter
Multicolored LED
*Capacity percentage is the minimum expected
remaining power needed to operate the Maxbright
LED in high mode at 0° C.
The purpose of the battery power meter is to give you
a general idea of the remaining burn time. Switching
modes can create an abrupt change in battery voltage
which may cause the indicator to change color. Once
the color turns yellow, the burn time remaining
depends on the typical discharge curve for the type of
batteries you are using. After the light has been turned
off, the battery voltage might temporarily increase,
causing the battery power meter to temporarily display
an artificially higher setting.
When the light is off, the battery power meter will
continue to blink for 24 hours to indicate the current
status of the batteries. After 24 hours with no activity,
the battery power meter will turn off to conserve
battery power. When the light is turned on again, it
will resume functioning.
Low Battery Signaling During Use
In addition to displaying red on the battery power
meter, when there are approximately 20 minutes of
run time remaining, the Apex Pro will blink three
times in rapid succession.
You can then decide to stay at your current light level
or switch to a lower light level, which may cause
battery voltage to rise enough that the battery power
meter transitions back to yellow. When the battery

Operating Instructions

Notice d’utilisation et



1 2 4
OFF = press & hold
(1-2 seconds)
Press 1x = High
Press 2x = Med
Press 3x = Low
Hold = Dim
Press 1x = Memory
Press 2x = High
Press 3x = Low
Press 4x = Flash
Hold = Dim
Green > 40 % of total
Yellow ≤ 40 % of total
Red ~ 20 minutes of run time remaining
Color Battery Capacity*


* The times listed in this table assume you start with fresh batteries and use only one power level.
* Les durées mentionnées dans le présent tableau sont calculées sur la base de l’utilisation de piles neuves et d’un seul
mode d’éclairage.
* Bei den in der folgenden Tabelle aufgeführten Zeiten wird vorausgesetzt, dass Sie neue Batterien und lediglich eine
Leuchtstärke verwenden.
Operation / Fonctionnement / Betrieb
Battery Installation / Mise en place des piles / Einlegen der Batterien
Burn time is the total time that the headlamp produces a minimum of 0.25 lux at 2
meters. 0.25 lux is about the equivalent of a full moon on a clear night. Regulated burn
time is less than overall burn time.
41 12298
21 12298
power meter returns to red, the light will blink again to
alert you.
The Apex Pro uses a sophisticated circuit to control
the light. Under normal circumstances, the metal
heatsink will sufficiently cool the electronics and
protect the LEDs from damage. Should the internal
temperature of the light get too hot, a backup
temperature protection circuit will activate and
gradually decrease the light output until the
temperature is within the specified limits.
The Apex Pro will automatically turn off after 12 hours
of inactivity. Any button press during the 12 hour
period will reset the auto-off timer.
Never attempt to disassemble the lamp housing. It is
sealed to protect the components from water and
there are no user-serviceable parts inside.
Disassembly will void your warranty!
To keep the heatsink at peak performance, keep the
heatsink and plastic cover free of obstructions (mud
and dirt). Do not remove the heatsink cover—it is
there to protect you from the high temperature of the
heatsink during operation. If the heatsink cover is
damaged or broken under normal use, do not use the
headlamp. See the warranty and return policy for
more information.
Power Consumption
The Apex Pro uses a current-controlled circuit that
maintains constant light output (Ultrabright LEDs) as
long as the batteries have sufficient voltage. Constant
burn time is dependent on the battery type, LEDs, and
light level selected.
The Ultrabright LEDs provide the maximum level
of wide-angle flood light for task work and the
Maxbright will provide a tightly focused spotlight for
distance illumination.
Trouble Shooting
If the Apex Pro fails to light:
Check the batteries for proper installation.
Inspect the cable for damage.
If the Apex Pro does not seem to change
brightness levels:
• The battery voltage may be too low to switch to
a brighter setting. This condition is normal for a
regulated LED/current-controlled circuit. You are
most likely to experience this issue in the
Maxbright LED mode. Install new batteries and
recheck the modes.
• In extreme heat conditions the internal temperature
of the light may be too hot and the LED
temperature protection circuit may have activated.
Allow the light to cool and try again.
Lifetime Warranty
Due to international regulations, Princeton Tec’s
lifetime warranty can only be offered to customers in
the USA. Princeton Tec offers a 10 year warranty to
our customers outside the USA.
FULL WARRANTY – Princeton Tec warrants this product
to be free from defects in workmanship and materials
under normal use for as long as you own this product.
This warranty covers all of the component parts of the
product except batteries. This warranty does not cover
deterioration due to normal wear or damage due to
misuse, alteration, negligence, accidents, or
unauthorized repair. Princeton Tec will repair or replace
parts which are defective in workmanship or materials.
Your authorized Princeton Tec Dealer and Princeton
Tec are the only facilities authorized to repair the
product. After (3) unsuccessful attempts to repair the
product, you have the right to elect replacement of the
product or a refund of the purchase price less
allowance for use of the product. NO INCIDENTAL OR
THIS WARRANTY. (Some states do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential
damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may
not apply to you.) This warranty gives you specific legal
rights, and you may also have other rights which vary
from state to state.
Princeton Tec reserves the right to change product
specifications without notice.
Return Policy
If your light fails to operate, follow these simple steps:
1. Check batteries. Replace if necessary.
2. To send your light in for repair or replacement, first
contact Princeton Tec customer service on
to request an RMA number.
Please have your light model, date of purchase and
a brief description of the fault you are experiencing.
No warranty repairs will be accepted without an
RMA number.
3. Return the light without batteries to:
Princeton Tec,
PO Box 8057 Trenton NJ 08650
. Postage due and
freight collect items will not be accepted.
4. Upon receipt your light will be processed in about
two weeks. Please allow additional time for return
transportation from NJ.
Princeton Tec
PO Box 8057, Trenton,
NJ 08650
Phone: 609-298-9331
Fax: 609-298-9601
© 2018 Princeton Tec
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Princeton Tec
Apex Pro | APXL-PRO-BK
Manual de utilizare (PDF)
Tip lanternăLanternă bandă cap
Culoarea produsuluiNegru
Material carcasă-
Putere lampă- W
Tip de lampăLED
Cantitatea lămpi5 lampă(lămpi)
Numărul nivelurilor de putere120
Flux luminos200 lm
Distanță rază de lumină (max)120 m
Managementul energiei
Tip baterieCR123
Număr de baterii acceptate2
Durată baterie (max)35 h
Tehnologia baterieiLitiu
Greutate şi dimensiuni
Greutate173 g
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