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Operating Instructions GBManual de instrucciones ES
For customers in Europe
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Set the clock.
Connect the radio to a wall outlet.

Getting Started

“0:00” will flash on the display when the batteries are installed or
the AC power cord is plugged in for the first time.
Press and hold
until the hour
starts flashing.
Minute setting
Press + or to set the
minutes, and then press
Hour setting
Press + or to set the
hour, and then press
Tune to the station you want.

Listening to the Radio

Turn on the radio.
Select the band (FM, SW, MW or LW).
Repeatedly pressing the
button switches the
Tune to the station you want.Follow steps 1 to 3 in “Listening to the Radio” above.
Select the band (FM, SW, MW or LW).
Press and hold the desired preset button (1 – 5) until you hear a beep and the preset number appears on the display.
Press the desired preset button (1 – 5).To change the preset station1 Tune to a new station.2 Press and hold the preset button you want to change. The preset station on the selected button will be replaced by the new one.
Presetting stations
Preset favourite stations to the 5 preset buttons. You can preset up to 5 stations each for FM, SW, MW and LW bands.
Listening to a preset station
About the meter bandsMeter band Frequency range (kHz)49 mb5,800 6,25041 mb7,100 7,55031 mb9,300 10,00025 mb11,500 12,22022 mb13,500 13,90019 mb15,000 15,900
Automatic tuning mode will only be available within the range of the current
meter band. When in outside of the range, the tuning mode changes to manual
tuning mode.
Improving radio receptionWhen radio receptions are poor, receptions will be improved by reorienting or adjusting the length of the antenna (FM and SW), or reorienting the unit itself (MW/LW).
Extend the
antenna and
adjust the length
and the angle for
good reception.
Reorient the unit itself to find
good reception. (A ferrite bar
antenna is built into the unit.)
Extend the telescopic
antenna vertically.
For SWAs the SW frequencies are assigned to the meter bands as shown in the table, you can make a quick search for a desired frequency by changing the corresponding meter band.To adjust the volume To listen through headphonesConnect headphones that have a stereo or monaural mini plug (not supplied).You will hear monaural sound through the headphones.To use the radio on batteries
To (headphones)
Press down on the battery compartment cover at and slide it in the direction of the arrow .Insert the side of the battery first.
Three LR14 (size C) batteries (not
To close the cover, slide it in the direction of the arrow until it clicks into place.
Guide to parts and controls
The serial number is
located on the
nameplate on the
bottom exterior of
the unit.
/ (power) button
VOLUME control*
SW BAND button
FM/SW/MW/LW button
(headphones) jack
+, buttons*
ENTER/SET CLOCK button (holding down the button enters the clock setting mode.)
ON TIMER/SET TIMER button (holding down the button enters the timer setting mode.)
SLEEP button
Preset buttons*
Telescopic antenna
AC IN jack
Battery compartment cover
Carrying handle
* The “MAX” position of VOLUME control, the
+button and the preset button numbered 3 has a
tactile dot. Use the tactile dot as a reference when
operating the radio.
Lights up when a station is tuned in.
Lights up when the on timer is turned on, or when the unit is in the on timer setting mode.
Lights up or flashes when the battery power is low. Replace all the batteries with new ones when this indicator starts flashing.
Lights up when the sleep timer is turned on, or when the unit is in the sleep timer setting mode.
Lights up when presetting the stations to the preset buttons, or when selecting a preset station.
Frequency/time/message display area
Indicates the currently selected band.
Convenient functions
Sleep TimerThe radio automatically turns off after a set time has elapsed.1 Press SLEEP.The “SLEEP” indicator starts flashing and the default setting (“90”) appears on the display.If you press SLEEP while the radio is off, the radio turns on automatically.2 Press SLEEP repeatedly to select the desired setting while the “SLEEP” indicator is flashing.Each time you press the button, the duration (in minutes) changes on the display as follows:
90 60 30 153 Press ENTER.The selected setting is confirmed and the “SLEEP” indicator stops flashing.
• If you do not press ENTER within about 3 seconds,
the currently selected setting is confirmed
• You can check the time left until the radio turns
off by pressing SLEEP again after setting the sleep
To cancel the sleep timerYou can cancel the sleep timer using either method below:
• Set the sleep timer to “OFF.
• Turn off the radio once, and then turn it on again.
To change the sleep timer settingPress SLEEP repeatedly to select other settings.On TimerThe radio automatically turns on at a preset time.When using the on timer, make sure to tune to the station you want to listen beforehand.1 Press and hold ON TIMER.The “ON TIMER” indicator and the hour indication start flashing on the display.2 Press + or to set the hour for the radio to be turned on, and then press ENTER.The minute indication flashes on the display.3 Press + or to set the minutes, and then press ENTER.The “ON TIMER” indicator stops flashing and the on timer function is activated.If the radio is turned on, press / and turn off the radio.Notes
• The on timer setting mode will be cancelled after
65 seconds if there is no operation.
• When the on timer function turns the radio on, the
sleep timer is automatically activated and the
radio goes off after 90 minutes. Until the radio will
go off, the display shows both the on timer and
sleep timer indicators.
To deactivate the on timerPress ON TIMER (the “ON TIMER” indicator disappears).Repeatedly pressing the button allows you to activate or deactivate the on timer.Once you set and activate the on timer, the radio turns on at the preset time everyday.Scan Tuning
Press FM/SW/MW/LW to select the band, then press and hold + or . The unit starts scanning stations in the frequency of the band.2 Press ENTER to stop scan tuning when the desired station is received.When scan tuning begins, the unit automatically starts scanning from the previously received frequency and pauses for 3 seconds when a station is received, then the scanning continues. Listen to the 3-second radio previews and press ENTER when you encounter the desired station.
For the SW band, if scanning starts from a frequency
inside the range of a meter band, scanning is
performed only within the current meter band. If
scanning starts from a frequency outside the range
of a meter band and reaches the following meter
band, scanning will continue within that meter
About BacklightThe backlight will turn off if no operation is performed for 15 seconds to minimize power consumption.
The backlight will stay on when performing scan
To change the MW tuning interval
Press / to turn off the radio.2 Press and hold the preset button 1 and FM/SW/MW/LW at the same time until you hear a beep.Each time you press and hold the buttons, the MW tuning interval changes cyclically. Changing the tuning interval erases all the MW preset stations stored in the unit. Reset your preset stations after changing the tuning interval.
The MW tuning interval can be changed only when
the radio is turned off. Be sure to turn off the radio
To change the clock display
Press / to turn off the radio.2 Press and hold + and the preset button 1 until the clock display mode is changed.Each time you press and hold the buttons, the clock display mode changes from the 24-hour system to the 12-hour system (or vice versa).
The clock display mode can be changed only when the radio is turned off. Be sure to turn off the radio beforehand.
As the main plug is used to disconnect the unit
from the mains, connect the unit to an easily
accessible AC outlet. Should you notice an
abnormality in the unit, disconnect the main plug
from the AC outlet immediately.
Do not install the appliance in a confined space,
such as a bookcase or built-in cabinet.
To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the
ventilation of the apparatus with newspapers,
tablecloths, curtains, etc. And do not place lighted
candles on the apparatus.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not
expose this apparatus to dripping or splashing, and
do not place objects filled with liquids, such as
vases, on the apparatus.
The unit is not disconnected from the AC power
source (mains) as long as it is connected to the wall
outlet, even if the unit itself has been turned off.
The nameplate and important information
concerning safety are located on the bottom
Excessive sound pressure from earphones and
headphones can cause hearing loss.
Batteries or batteries installed apparatus shall not
be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire
or the like.
In case of battery leakage
If battery fluid has leaked, do not touch the fluid
with your bare hands.
Battery fluid may remain inside the unit. Consult
your nearest Sony dealer.
If battery fluid gets into your eyes, do not rub your
eyes, as blindness may occur. Quickly wash your
eyes with plenty of clean water and immediately
seek medical attention.
If battery fluid gets onto your body or clothing,
burns or injury may occur. Quickly wash off with
clean water, and seek medical attention if skin
inflammation or injuries occur.
Notice for customers: the following information is only applicable to equipment sold in countries applying EU directives
This product has been manufactured by or on
behalf of Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku
Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan. Inquiries related to product
compliance based on European Union legislation
shall be addressed to the authorized representative,
Sony Belgium, bijkantoor van Sony Europe Limited,
Da Vincilaan 7-D1, 1935 Zaventem, Belgium. For any
service or guarantee matters, please refer to the
addresses provided in the separate service or
guarantee documents.
The validity of the CE marking is restricted to only
those countries where it is legally enforced, mainly
in the countries EEA (European Economic Area).
Disposal of waste batteries and electrical and electronic equipment (applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate collection systems)
This symbol on the product, the battery
or on the packaging indicates that the
product and the battery shall not be
treated as household waste. On certain
batteries this symbol might be used in
combination with a chemical symbol.
The chemical symbols for mercury (Hg) or lead (Pb)
are added if the battery contains more than
0.0005% mercury or 0.004% lead. By ensuring these
products and batteries are disposed of correctly, you
will help prevent potentially negative consequences
for the environment and human health which could
otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste
handling. The recycling of the materials will help to
conserve natural resources.
In case of products that for safety, performance or
data integrity reasons require a permanent
connection with an incorporated battery, this
battery should be replaced by qualified service staff
only. To ensure that the battery and the electrical
and electronic equipment will be treated properly,
hand over these products at end-of-life to the
applicable collection point for the recycling of
electrical and electronic equipment. For all other
batteries, please view the section on how to remove
the battery from the product safely. Hand the
battery over to the applicable collection point for
the recycling of waste batteries. For more detailed
information about recycling of this product or
battery, please contact your local Civic Office, your
household waste disposal service or the shop where
you purchased the product or battery.
The following frequency 1,606.5kHz 1,610kHz
range is not allocated to sound broadcasting in the
European Common Allocations table and cannot be
used in Europe.
• Operate the unit only on the power sources
specified in “Specifications. For battery operation,
use three LR14 (size C) alkaline batteries. For AC
operation, use the supplied AC power cord; do not
use any other cord.
• Unplug the unit from the wall outlet when it will
not be used for an extended period of time.
• When operating the unit on batteries, it is
recommended that you remove the AC power
cord from the wall outlet.
• Use the unit within a temperature range of 0°C to
40°C. If it is used in temperatures higher than this
range, the display may gradually turn black. If it is
used in temperatures lower than this range, the
display may change very slowly. (These
irregularities will disappear and there will be no
damage to the unit when the unit is used in the
recommended temperature range again.)
• When carrying the radio, grasp the handle at the
rear of the unit to prevent the radio from falling.
• Avoid exposure to temperature extremes, direct
sunlight, moisture, sand, dust or mechanical
shock. Never leave in a car parked in the sun.
• Should any solid object or liquid fall into the unit,
disconnect the AC power cord and remove the
batteries, and have the unit checked by a qualified
personnel before operating it any further.
• Since a strong magnet is used for the speakers,
keep personal credit cards using magnetic coding
or spring-wound watches away from the unit to
prevent possible damage from the magnetism.
• To clean the casing, use a soft dry cloth. Do not
use any type of solvent, such as alcohol or
benzine, which may damage the finish.
• Do not operate the unit with wet hands since
doing so may cause a short circuit.
• When carrying the unit, grasp the handle at the
rear of the unit to prevent the unit from dropping.
If you have any questions or problems concerning
your unit, please consult your nearest Sony
Should any problems persist after you have made the following checks, consult your nearest Sony dealer.Display is dim, or no indication is displayed.
• The radio is being used in extremely high or low
temperatures or in a place with excessive
Very weak or interrupted sound, or unsatisfactory reception.
• If you are in a building, listen near a window.
• Try improving radio receptions using the
following procedures.
FM: Extend the telescopic antenna and adjust
the length and the angle for best reception.
SW: Extend the telescopic antenna vertically.
MW/LW: An MW/LW antenna is built in the unit.
Reorient the unit itself for best reception.
When adjusting for FM or SW
reception, adjust the direction
of the antenna by holding it at
the bottom. The antenna can be
damaged if you move the
antenna with excessive force.
• Replace all the batteries with new ones if they
are exhausted.
There is noise in the speaker output.
• If a mobile phone is placed close to the radio, a
loud noise may be heard from the radio. Keep
the phone away from the radio.
Batteries become exhausted very quickly.
• Be sure to turn off the radio when not using it.
See “Battery life” under “Specifications” for
details about the estimated battery life.
• When “
starts flashing, replace all the
batteries with new ones.
A desired station cannot be received when a preset button is pressed.
• Make sure you have selected the desired band
(FM, SW, MW or LW) before you press the preset
button. One station for each band can be set to
each button.
• You may have held down the preset button to
which the station was preset, causing the station
to be replaced by a new one. Preset the desired
station again.
The message “Non” appears and the preset button indicator (“PRESET” and the preset number) lights up on the display when a preset button is pressed.
• No station has been preset to the corresponding
button. Preset a station.
Time display
12-hour system/24-hour system
Frequency range
87.5 MHz 108 MHz (50 kHz step)
5.8 MHz 15.9 MHz (5 kHz step)
531 kHz 1,602 kHz (9 kHz step)
530 kHz 1,610 kHz (10 kHz step)
153 kHz 279 kHz (9 kHz step)
Intermediate frequency
FM: 128 kHz
SW: 45 kHz
MW: 45 kHz
LW: 45 kHz
Approx. 10 cm dia., 12 Ω, monaural
Audio power output
500 mW
(headphones) jack (ø 3.5 mm mini jack)
Power requirements
230 V AC, 50 Hz (AC power supply)
4.5 V DC, three LR14 (size C) alkaline batteries
Battery life*
Approx. 100 hours (FM reception)
Approx. 100 hours (SW reception)
Approx. 100 hours (MW reception)
Approx. 100 hours (LW reception)
* When listening through the speaker on Sony
(LR14SG) alkaline batteries. (The actual battery life
may vary depending on the unit and operating
Approx. 253mm × 136.3mm × 61.2mm (W/H/D)
Approx. 860 g (excl. batteries)
Approx. 1,060 g (incl. batteries)
Supplied accessories
AC power cord (1)
Design and specifications are subject to change
without notice.
To change the meter band in the SW functionPress SW BAND repeatedly.Each time you press the button, the meter band changes as follows. Once changing the meter band, the unit receives the lowest frequency in the selected meter band and starts tuning from that frequency among the whole SW band.Notes
• The clock setting mode will be cancelled
after 65 seconds if there is no operation.
• The clock setting will reset to the factory
default if you remove both the AC power
cord and batteries from the unit after
you set the clock.
49 mb19 mb41 mb22 mb31 mb25 mb
Connect the AC power cord to the AC IN jack first, then
connect it to a wall outlet.
Currently selected band
Press + or to tune to
the desired station.
When you press and hold the button, the unit changes the
tuning mode to scan tuning mode. Scan tuning
automatically scans the stations in the frequency range of
the current band, receiving tuned signals for 3 seconds for
each station. For more details on scan tuning, see “Scan
Tuning” under “Convenient functions.
When connecting headphones to the radio, use
a headphones cable with a stereo (3-pole) or
monaural (2-pole) mini plug. Sound may not be
heard when using other types of plugs.
1 ring
2 rings
Other types of
plugs cannot be
plug types
3 or more rings
mini plug
Stereo mini
* It is recommended that you use the monaural
headphones (ø 3.5 mm mini-plug) with this
radio. You can also use stereo headphones, but
the headphone output will be monaural.
• When the battery power drops to a certain level, the sound may
become weak or distorted, and the battery indicator (“
”) will start
flashing on the display. After that, when the batteries become fully
exhausted, the status of the indicator will change from “flashing” to
“lit-up,” and the power will go off. If this happens, replace all the
batteries with new ones.
• Be sure to turn off the radio and replace the batteries within 60
seconds. Otherwise, the settings such as for the clock, on timer and
preset stations will be initialized. Should this happen, perform the
necessary settings again. Note that the battery indicator (“
”) will
remain lit even after the batteries are replaced. The battery indicator
disappears when you turn on the radio after battery replacement.
• Remove the batteries from the unit if the unit is not to be used for an
extended period of time. When using the radio again, perform the
necessary settings, such as for the clock, on timer and preset stations.
Example: Presetting
FM 87.50 to preset
number 1.
• To prevent the preset from being
changed by mistake, do not hold the
preset button down.
• If no station has been preset to the
pressed button, “Non” appears and
the unit returns to the frequency
before the button was pushed.
Extend the telescopic
antenna when listening to
FM and SW stations.
Extending the antenna is
not necessary when
listening to MW/LW
Telescopic antenna
AC power cord (supplied)
To a wall outlet
To AC IN jack


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Brand Sony
Model ICF-M780SL
Produs radio
EAN 4905524961140, 4905524961157
Limbă Spaniolă, Engleză
Tipul fișierului Manual de utilizare (PDF)
Tipul de radio Portabile
Tipul de tuner -
Sprijin pentru benzi FM,LW,MF,SW
Sintetizator PLL -
Presetare cantitatea staţiei 20
Puterea RMS - W
Difuzoare încorporate Da
Numărul de difuzoare incorporate 1
Ecran încorporat Da
Tip de afișaj LED
Culoare iluminare din spate Chihlimbar
Retroiluminare Da
Ieșiri căști -
Redare MP3 -
Culoarea produsului Negru
Antenă FM Da
Alte caracteristici
Compatibilitate andocare Apple Nu este compatibil
Afișaj iluminat Da
Manual Da
Managementul energiei
Tip de sursă de curent AC,DC
Ceas integrat Da
Greutate şi dimensiuni
Lățime 253 milimetri
Adâncime 61.2 milimetri
Înălţime 136.3 milimetri
Greutate 1060 g
Tip baterie C
Conţinutul de ambalaje
Cabluri incluse AC
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