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PDS-ST510-VP Manual

1. Key features

600/300 dpi resolution scan selection
Directly save JPEG file to microSD/microSDHC card
Support microSD/microSDHC card up to 32GB
Driver free to download for Windows® XP, Windows® Vista™,
Windows® 7 and Mac OS® 10.4 or above
(direct plug-in, driver installation not required)

2. Functional parts

Select High(600dpi) / Low(300dpi) resolution;
High / Low resolution mode icon will be displayed on
status LCD screen.
Stitch file
Create new folder for file storage.
Power button
Power On/Off: Switch this key left or right to turn
scanner on or off.
In power on mode, press this button to start scanning,
press this button again to stop scanning
Scan LED indicator
Ready for scan: Green LED on
Error LED indicator
Over speed: Red LED on
LCD screen
Scanning status display
SF LED indicator
Stitch file: White LED on
Battery door
For 4.2V rechargeable battery
microSD card slot
microSD/microSDHC card storage location.
USB interface
Download photo to a computer via USB cable provided.
Time set
Press to enter Time and Date setting mode
Format button
Press this button to format the microSD/SDHC card.

3. Explanation of the status icons

SD card indicator
Photos will be stored in microSD card
Battery indicator
Battery is full Empty battery
Counting indicator
Show scanned files in microSD card
Selected resolution
High:600 dpi / Low:300 dpi

4. Using the scanner

4.1 Installing the battery
1. Open the battery door by sliding the battery compartment downwards as indicated by
the arrow in the diagram below.
2. Make sure battery is in the battery compartment. If not, insert 4.2V rechargeable lithium
polymer battery into compartment.
3. Turn on the scanner by switching the [POWER] button left.
4.2 Inserting a microSD memory card (not included)
To operate the scanner, you must insert a microSD Card (not supplied) to record and store your
pictures. Inserting the microSD memory card:
1. Turn OFF the scanner.
2. Insert the microSD card into the microSD card slot (with metal side facing upwards).
Gently press in until card is latched.
Note: Do not force the card into the slot; forcing may damage scanner and the microSD memory
card. Align microSD card position (as marked) and try again.
4.3 Time setting
1. Press [TIME SET] button to enter time setting mode by using a thin, blunt object, such
as a paperclip to access the button. The LCD screen will read “1##” for the year. “##” is
a set of number that would be changed to correspond to the actual time/date setting.
2. Press the [STITCH FILE] or [DPI] buttons to select the current Year.
3. Press [SCAN] button to confirm setting. The LCD screen will now read “2##.”
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to select the Month, Date, Hour, and Minute.
5 After setting the Minute, “5##”, press the [TIME SET] button again to complete the Time
and Date setting.
4.4 Formatting the microSD memory card
Note: Formatting the microSD is recommended but not necessary. All contents on the microSD
card will be erased during formatting.
1. Insert a microSD card into the scanner with metal side facing upwards. Then power on
the scanner.
2. Press the [FORMAT] button with a thin, blunt object, such as the end of a paperclip to
access the button. An “F” shows on the LCD screen.
3. Press the [SCAN] button once to begin formatting microSD card.
4. The microSD card indicator will blink until the formatting process is complete.
4.5 Calibrating your scanner
Note: Perform calibration only when white balance needs adjustment.
1. Turn on the scanner by sliding the [POWER] button to ON. Then place the scanner on
the provided “White Balance Calibration” paper.
2. Click and hold onto the [STITCH FILE] button. While holding onto the [STITCH FILE]
button, press the [SCAN] button once and then release both bottons. SD symbol will
flash and “GREEN” and “RED” LED light will turn on.
3. Do not move the scanner. Wait until the “RED” LED light turns off. “GREEN” LED light
will stay on.
4. With only the “GREEN” LED light on, start scanning the white paper by sliding the
scanner across the paper until the “GREEN” LED light turns off. (Slide the scanner
backwards if necessary).
5. Slide the [POWER] button to OFF to turn off the scanner. Calibration is complete.
4.6 Setting the resolution
1. By pressing the [DPI] resolution button on the scanner, you may choose between high
resolution (600 dpi) and low resolution (300 dpi).
2. The high or low resolution mode will be displayed on the LCD screen to reflect your
4.7 Stitch file
To group scanned files into a new folder within the microSD card use the Stitch file function.
1. Press the [STITCH FILE] button to create a new folder within the microSD card for files
storage. SF white LED light will turn on.
2. Then scan your documents. Your files will be saved into the new folder.
3. To save another new set of scans in another folder, press the [STITCH FILE] button
again to generate a new folder.
For free optional stitching software, please download the program from the following link:
4.8 How to scan
Note: To scan, make sure your scanner is not connected to the computer.
1. Turn on the scanner by sliding the [POWER] button to ON.
2. Place the document on a flat surface and hold down the document with one hand.
3. Place the scanner on the edge of the paper approximately 5/8 to 3/4 of an inch onto the
paper to ensure the most of the document can be scanned. Make sure to keep the
scanning area in between the scanning width indicator marked on the side of the
4. Hold the scanner flat against the material and then press the [SCAN] button once.
5. Slide the scanner slowly, keeping you hand stable to get the best quality picture.
6. Press the [SCAN] button again to stop scanning.

5. LED light indications

GREEN” SCAN LED ON Scan in progress.
GREEN” SCAN LED OFF Standby / Scan is complete.
RED” ERROR LED ON Scanning too fast.
May cause scanning error.
Restart and scan again.
RED” ERROR LED OFF No error in scanning speed.
Continue scanning process.
WHITE” SF LED ON/OFF A new folder created.
Scan will START when button is pressed
To END scan, press button again

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