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JT 358

Manual button
Press to select:
Grill Combi
Forced Air
Forced Air Combi
Quick Heat
This function is used for quick reheating of
food with a high water content such as; clear
soups, coffee or tea.
Press START to automatically start with full
microwave power level and the cooking time
set to 30 seconds. Each additional press
increases the time with ½ min. You may also
alter the time by pressing the +/- buttons to
increase or decrease the time during cooking.
This button also works as a normal start
button after setting a function.
Level To be used for:
JET / 950 W Reheating of beverages, water, clear soups, coffee, tea or other food with a high
water content. If the food contains egg or cream choose a lower power.
750 W Cooking of vegetables, fish, meat etc.
650 W Cooking dishes, not possible to stir.
500 W More careful cooking e.g. high protein sauces, cheese and egg dishes and to
finish cooking casseroles.
350 W Simmering stews and melting butter.
160 W Defrosting.
90 W Softening butter, cheese and ice cream.
0 W Setting the standing time.
Level To be used for:
90 - 160 W Fish & Fruit
160 - 350 W Fish gratin, Chicken legs
500 - 650 W Vegetable gratin
This function is used for defrosting food not
included in the Jet Defrost function.
Follow the procedure for “How to cook and
reheat with microwaves” and choose 160 W
when defrosting manually.
Use this function when you need a kitchen
timer to measure exact time for various
purposes such as cooking eggs, pasta or
letting the dough rise before baking etc.
1. Press the clock button shortly.
2. Press the +/- buttons to set the time to
3. Press the clock button again to start the
kitchen timer.
NOTE: Never operate the oven empty when using microwaves
Stop button.
Press to stop or reset any
of the oven functions.
Buzzer on / off
Auto button
Press to select:
Jet defrost
Auto Reheat
Auto Crisp
Auto Cook
Auto Forced Air
Clock button
Press to select:
Clock Setting
Kitchen Timer
Digital display
The display includes a 24-hour
clock and indicator symbols.
Temperature button
Press to select end
temperature level.
Watt button
Press to select microwave
power level or adjust doneness
+/- buttons
Press to set value of:
Food class button.
Press to select food class.
Level To be used for:
90 - 160 W Roasts & Cakes
160 - 350 W Lasagne & Poultry
To notify you when a function is finished, the
oven beeps once a minute for 10 minutes.
This feature can be switched on or off by
keeping the Stop button pressed for 3
seconds until a beep is heard.
Jet Start button.
Press to start the cooking process or to
invoke the Jet Start function.
When the oven is in operation, you can
easily increase the operating time if needed.
Each press on the Start button increases the
current operating time with 30 seconds.
The 30 second feature is only present on
functions where the operating time is set using
the +/- buttons and only after the oven has
been started.


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